About the Pottery 

High fired, Wheel thrown, Functional White Stoneware Pottery for Everyday Use


All of my pottery is thrown by hand on the potter’s wheel and individually glazed and high fired to cone 10 which is about 2400 degrees Fahrenheit.   Pottery gives more pleasure when it is used frequently, since it appeals to the sense of touch as well as sight.  I use high quality white stoneware and the smooth surfaces and finished bottoms are a result of hours of sanding. My glazes are food safe and the high temperatures create a smooth finish that cleans like a non-stick surface.


Care and Use

Each piece is oven, dishwasher and microwave safe.  Pottery can also be chilled in the freezer.  For baking, place your  room temperature pot with food in a cold oven and bring both to temperature together. There is no limit to your oven temperature.  Remember the pottery was fired to 2400 degrees.  It is only a sudden temperature change that stresses ceramic, over time.  Cared for by the above directions, your pottery will last for years.  Never place pottery over a direct flame or stovetop.


Fun and Use

My aim is to create pieces that lend themselves to multiple uses. Let your imagination wander. Baking dishes are just as functional with rolls or fruit or displaying fall gourds and pine cones.  Baking/Serving Platters with handles can be used to serve any food, hold holiday ornaments and cards or use as a bake and serve dish.  Pretty enough for a display, platters add to your decor when shown on a stand.  


Custom Orders

I can make any of our items in almost any of our glazes.  The choices are listed with each item.  If you see an item at a show but it isn't in the glaze you want, please ask me about it.  


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