Cracker Dish

What a handsome piece to put out at a party or to have on a dinner table.  These dishes are deep and wide and hold a lot of crackers, veggies, cranberry sauce, relishes, etc.   You can even bake the refrigerated French bread that comes in a tube right in the cracker dish and serve it hot from the oven.  The crescent shaped dish has serpentine sides and is easy to store in a narrow kitchen cabinet. 

 Cracker dish shown here with our Dip Chiller which can be ordered separately

Fawn Glaze - with Dip Chiller/Warmer

Green Glaze

Cobalt Glaze - with Brie Baker (each sold separately)

Tuscany Glaze - with Dip Chiller

Deep Blue Glaze

Cracker Dish Price - $59.00   Brie Baker $39.00.  Two Piece Dip Chiller/Warmer $49.00

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